Cheat sheets

We know how hard it can be to keep up with all the changes and new information with plans, products and information. So to make it easier, we have created a resource page with all the current cheatsheets. 




Changes to the way Optus Prepaid SIMs are sold, and customer ID verified.     

AMTA Forms: From 1 February 216, the ATMA form no longer needs to be completed at point of sale.  This means that ID verification is now only required once at the point of activation and NOT at the point of sale.  

We've added a new, easy, way for customers to verify their identity when activating a SIM via the Optus activation webpage ( ). 

And in case you missed it, to make things even easier, we now offer customers the following language options when activating their Optus Prepaid SIM online:  English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Thai.